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Welcome to the Website of the 18th International Conference of ISRP

We thank you to all the participants on ISRP 2016 Yokohama conference!

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Welcome to the 18th ISRP International Conference in Yokohama!


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

As President, and behalf of the ISRP worldwide membership, it is my great pleasure to invite you to the ISRP International Conference and to the city of Yokohama.

The vision for ISRP Yokohama 2016, is to encourage improvements in the safety and comfort of respiratory protection, thus achieving wider use and acceptance of respiratory protection and ultimately leading to reduced exposure. Reduced exposure means fewer of those exposed to respiratory hazards becoming ill - an inspiring aim.

The conference will bring together experts in the field of respiratory protection from around the world and provides a great opportunity to share and exchange knowledge and ideas in all areas of respiratory protection. The ISRP conference is unique in that it is the only international conference where the focus is on respiratory protection and covers areas from design and testing, international standards, selection, training, performance and the use of RPE covering a very broad spectrum of users including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, nuclear, construction, defence and emergency, etc.

The conference committee of the Asian Section are working hard to ensure that the conference will be stimulating and enjoyable for all. Please also take this unique opportunity to renew old acquaintances and make new friends with similar professional interests.

See you in Yokohama!

Mike Clayton


Invitation to the 18th Conference in Yokohama

Dear ISRP members,

The Asian Section of ISRP was appointed to hold the 18th Conference this year, and it is our pleasure to conduct the Conference for all the ISRP members over the world. The main subject 'Respiratory Protection with Advanced Safety and Comfort' is the basic two requirements of respiratory protection, often incompatible in practice, and the technical developments are expected to solve the problem. The Symposium in the program 'Fit testing and Education of Respirator Wearers' will show another side of the respiratory protection how the respirators can exhibit the usefulness on each wearers. You may get useful information on the practice and problems in the activities of each ISRP sections over the world.

The Conference Scientific Committee welcomes also any other topics on the new technologies for RPDs, standards, evaluation methods, instruments, social needs and others. The Conference includes the exhibition of the RPD products and instruments and also Award ceremony and enjoyable time on Japanese taste. The Asian Section members heartily welcome you to Yokohama in coming November.

Yoshimi Matsumura

President of Asian Section

Japanese language site is also available in ISRP Japan section home page (Go there)

Now the registration is ready. Please refer the time limits of registrations below.

Type of registration Time limits
Registration for Conference at reduced rate Closed on September 1st
Registration for Conference Closed on October 16th
Application for presentation (Stage or Poster) Closed on September 1st
Application for exhibition Closed on September 16th
Application for poster in exhibition Closed on September 16th
Application for advertisement on printed matter Closed on September 16th
Application for advertisement on website Closed on September 16th
Application of Sponsorship Closed on September 16th
Hotel room reservation at reduced rate Closed on October 1st
Payment of fees by off-line methods Within 1 month from the date of the issue of INVOICE

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