This homepage of the18th ISRP International Conference in Yokohama is charmed up with many pictures and a drawing. The Executive Committee of the Conference is permitted to use these pictures and an art here and in related printed matters by the copyright owners as follows.

The picture of a world-famous sailing ship 'Nippon-maru' was chosen as the symbol of the onference. This ship is a training ship owned by National Institute of Sea Training, and sailed across oceans in the past and called as 'Lady of the sea' due to its elegant figure. Now, it is retired from sailing open sea, and moored on the sea side of Yokohama Bay. We have chosen its lovely image as the best symbol of the International Conference in Yokohama.  
  A sketch titled 'Yokohama Port from Marine Tower' is one of the series of sketches on Yokohama landscapes drawn by Dr, Katsuaki Sato. He not only readily permitted us to use the art as the cover picture but also rearranged the size of the picture to fit the cover page. It represents the open and free atmosphere of the bayside city of Yokohama.

We use many other pictures in the homepage of which Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau, Port & Harbor Bureau of City of Yokohama and Hotel New Grand are the copyright owners. We are permitted to use them in the home page of this Conference.

We are heartily grateful to them for the permission and kind cooperation with us to hold the 18th ISRP Conference in Yokohama.

The Executive Committee of the 18th ISRP International Conference,

Represented by Yoshimi Matsumura, President of ISRP Asian Section